The Body Shop At Home!

Wow! Its been a busy few months. I am loving the independence that the body shop at home has given me. Meeting some amazing people and talented women. As a mother of 6 having your own independence has given me such a sense of relief. Being able to play with such quality products, has helped me and other women to enhance our well-being. As you can see from the photo, I had an amazing pampering evening with other women. What a giggle. And everybody walked away with a smile on their face. What this space. Anyone interested in placing orders contact me on facebook:



Are Larger Families Easier?

©When I was younger I only ever dreamed of having a boy and a girl. But as my life continued to evolve I would never of imagined having 6 children. Meeting people and telling them that I have 6 kids their reaction amuses me. The look of horror on their faces makes me laugh. Reason being they do not realise that having a larger family is so rewarding.

We do not have middle child syndrome because they all have each other to entertain themselves. So during half term break, as now they are busy laughing, talking and spending time with each other. So the pressure is off myself and my other half. We only get involved if there is a disagreement.

The only downside is that society seem to think that having a larger family is unheard of. Maybe people should get in tune with their evolutionary understanding to know that this is the most rewarding thing, knowing that we have contributed to the evolutionary process of the human species. I could go deeper in my explanation but I will leave this for another article. ©


Parentpay and Technology.

Since last week I have had trouble with parent pay and it got me thinking, how much technology is acceptable especially for our youngsters. What else is there to achieve on a technological level? I remember the days when a school trip needed to be paid for and as you picked up your child a quick pop into the school office was all that was needed.

What form of device is your favourite? Mine is my phone oh heck who am I kidding. All of them. But as a parent I don’t like being dependent on them, because life has taught me that anything can happen. Should schools only rely on parent pay.

If something goes wrong then you have to get in contact with the technical team who hopefully can solve it but if not then they will make their suggestions to you on what to do. When realistically you have walked past the school twice in one day.

But technology has enabled me to be having this beautiful form of expression with the entire planet. How Amazing is that! By the tap of your finger you can learn so much about endless things that I now have to remember daily to keep it in moderation. And use it as the tool it is intended to be.

People will always use technology as long as its around.©

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New Beginnings

With this change in our weather, I have often wondered how that affects peoples moods.

Personally speaking I feel great at this moment in time. The sun has brought with it a feeling of new beginnings, a more determined attitude, a happier smiler me. What about you?

Seeing the flowers open and their beautiful colours as we walk, run or drive has such a therapeutic affect on  life situations a person is feeling.

During my many years to be precise 14 years of doing my own independent research into the meaning of life. Which things curiosity started from disappointment and despair as I was at that stage of suffering that I had no way of explaining. That lead me along so many different intellectual paths. Bordering on Einstien, Neale Donald Walsch and endless other great authors and masters in their fields of interest. But my underlying curiosity was I want to make sure that whatever advice I give to my children is true and provable. We all know some old mothers tales, so my inquisitive nature wanted to give the best answers I as a parent can provide for my children. So being able to sit in the garden on such a beautiful weekend has brought with it a feeling of such appreciation for who I am and what I do. My personal belief is that we can start new every time we awake, we can change our mood by appreciating where we are right now. I am constantly fluctuating between the between the ages of 16-2 years old. I feel like I am dancing to the musical melody with such wisdom and appreciation, with the help of our glorious sunny weather.


This amazing magnetic toy builds pattern recognition skills, encourages creativity and imagination, it also develops fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Social skills can be played solo or with a partner as well as it is a calming and focusing activity. There are millions of beautiful designs and no wrong way to use it.

I strongly recommend this product to parents as it makes a great travel companion to all ages. As you can see from the above picture, it was designed by a seven year old. It also helps to balance the two hemispheres of the brain. BRILLIANT PRODUCT!


Recently I was looking through my photo album and I came across this photo. At my daughters school about a year ago they had an Easter egg competition. So they had to design something form a hard boiled egg.A few weeks before the closing date the preparation of my daughter’s idea was remarkable. I am sad to say to say that when my daughter was discussing the idea to me it was going right over my head as I did not have her vision. But as time went on and the closing date got nearer we started to see the transformation of our hard boiled egg.

I guess the moral of this story is if your child has an idea support them even if you can’t picture what they are saying. By the way can you believe she did not win, a minion design beat her. How could this be?

Are Girls More Complicated Than Boys

The Easter break is now over, and my kids return to school in a few days. I don’t know whether to jump for joy or to be a little bit sad.

Are girls more complicated than boys?

Having four girls and two boys, I have to say a big fat YES!

Girls are definitely complicated. The dramas! Imagine having a 2 year old, a 4 year old, a 6 year old and an 11 year old all girls.

Wow, May The Force Be With Me!

Also came to the conclusion that everyone Human Being has their own guidance system built within. So I have started relaxing more with the inner knowledge that everything is well.

Now what?

Spring is here.

I am so happy that Spring is officially here.

Longer and brighter days, flowers all around. What more could put a spring into our steps.

As our days are so busy with our children, I do not really understand the time differences. Putting the clock forward does not really make sense to me. In my opinion it would of made more sense to put the clocks forward in the winter months and putting the clocks back in the spring/summer months. Winter everyone wants to go home early and summer everyone wants to stay up later. I am the age that I am and it still takes getting used to it. What about you please leave a comment.

Enjoy bouncing around.