Are Larger Families Easier?

©When I was younger I only ever dreamed of having a boy and a girl. But as my life continued to evolve I would never of imagined having 6 children. Meeting people and telling them that I have 6 kids their reaction amuses me. The look of horror on their faces makes me laugh. Reason being they do not realise that having a larger family is so rewarding.

We do not have middle child syndrome because they all have each other to entertain themselves. So during half term break, as now they are busy laughing, talking and spending time with each other. So the pressure is off myself and my other half. We only get involved if there is a disagreement.

The only downside is that society seem to think that having a larger family is unheard of. Maybe people should get in tune with their evolutionary understanding to know that this is the most rewarding thing, knowing that we have contributed to the evolutionary process of the human species. I could go deeper in my explanation but I will leave this for another article. ©



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