Parentpay and Technology.

Since last week I have had trouble with parent pay and it got me thinking, how much technology is acceptable especially for our youngsters. What else is there to achieve on a technological level? I remember the days when a school trip needed to be paid for and as you picked up your child a quick pop into the school office was all that was needed.

What form of device is your favourite? Mine is my phone oh heck who am I kidding. All of them. But as a parent I don’t like being dependent on them, because life has taught me that anything can happen. Should schools only rely on parent pay.

If something goes wrong then you have to get in contact with the technical team who hopefully can solve it but if not then they will make their suggestions to you on what to do. When realistically you have walked past the school twice in one day.

But technology has enabled me to be having this beautiful form of expression with the entire planet. How Amazing is that! By the tap of your finger you can learn so much about endless things that I now have to remember daily to keep it in moderation. And use it as the tool it is intended to be.

People will always use technology as long as its around.©


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