New Beginnings

With this change in our weather, I have often wondered how that affects peoples moods.

Personally speaking I feel great at this moment in time. The sun has brought with it a feeling of new beginnings, a more determined attitude, a happier smiler me. What about you?

Seeing the flowers open and their beautiful colours as we walk, run or drive has such a therapeutic affect on  life situations a person is feeling.

During my many years to be precise 14 years of doing my own independent research into the meaning of life. Which things curiosity started from disappointment and despair as I was at that stage of suffering that I had no way of explaining. That lead me along so many different intellectual paths. Bordering on Einstien, Neale Donald Walsch and endless other great authors and masters in their fields of interest. But my underlying curiosity was I want to make sure that whatever advice I give to my children is true and provable. We all know some old mothers tales, so my inquisitive nature wanted to give the best answers I as a parent can provide for my children. So being able to sit in the garden on such a beautiful weekend has brought with it a feeling of such appreciation for who I am and what I do. My personal belief is that we can start new every time we awake, we can change our mood by appreciating where we are right now. I am constantly fluctuating between the between the ages of 16-2 years old. I feel like I am dancing to the musical melody with such wisdom and appreciation, with the help of our glorious sunny weather.


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