Are You Being Bullied

So much emphasis is placed on children being bullied, but what about parents? We are living in a society now where sometimes rules and laws, as brilliant as they are, can be taken over the top. The other day I was on the phone to my local authority in regards to a compulsory bill. You can imagine the scenario, kids at your feet hungry with a lot of noise going on and I’m in the middle of this on the phone. So the lady I was speaking to made the mistake of agreeing with me when I asked her am I being charged £120 for a printing of a piece of paper. I asked her 3 times and she replied yes each time. In my shock I ran to my handbag whilst making the lady know I was going to record her. I got my Dictaphone and started to record it after saying the relevant time, date and other information. The lady tried to give me an explanation on the charging of over double the initial payment. I had ask her if everything is done by computer to which she replied yes. So then I said to her all that is needed is a template and I have not gone to court yet, so why am I being charged for it? She then asked me what I’d like to do. I replied, the summons to be removed and the initial payment to be reinstated. She then said they are allowed to use their discretion. She then further went to say she’ll see what she can do and phone me in the morning. We said our goodbyes and went about being mummy again. 10 minutes later she phoned to say everything had been removed then we agreed a payment date and said our goodbyes again. This made me wonder what us parents go through especially when the advisor’s on the other end of the phone can hear children in the background. My best advice to every parent is buy a Dictaphone as long as you make the advisor aware you are recording them as well. This will legally stand up in court but make sure their agreement is recorded.


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