Forced To Play

Hope all is well with everyone.

Colds etc are really annoying for any parent/child to deal with. That said my children was at the table. They were having a conversation with their dad. He was asking how was their day when they responded by saying “they were very cold today at playtime and lunch.” I was in the kitchen at this time, but I heard what they were saying. He went on to say to them “what happens if they are cold are they allowed inside?” To both our amazement the kids said “no” “they are only allowed inside if they need to use the bathroom”.

This is when I entered the room. I asked my daughter and son “is there nowhere you can go if you do not want to play?” Only to be told “no the doors are locked” My shock and horror at such a decision on children who are still in KS1.

That night are getting everybody to bed I was straight on my computer emailing one of the headteachers of the school. The following morning this was the response, “they do not have supervision for the children to come inside and only children in KS2 can come inside at lunch and break”. This did not make sense to us so I replied, “if it is raining do they have supervision then?” response “yes” so I went on to ask “what’s the difference?” Then I went on to explain, “we as parents have worked so hard to keep our children’s health up and in such conditions as gale force winds and freezing temperatures the school are locking my children outside in such conditions. As a results when the child has to take time off school we then get the education welfare officer on our case, which is no fault of our own.” I went on to further say “why are they not allowed their basic human rights to warmth”?

As a result of this exchange of communication the school has seen their error and are now after half term going to amend their policy.

No child at such a tender and precious stage in life should be locked outside to play, as a result my children now have the choice if they want to stay in or go out. I am so proud of them because they knew it was wrong so they spoke up for themselves.

As parents we are now questioning how many of the teachers actually love their jobs. As humans we have a responsibility to protect the next generation and we hope from us standing up and letting the school know You Do Not Force Children To Play if they do not want We hope that other children/parents will benefit in a more positive way. Much Love to you all.


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